About Us

In 2007 a group of friends from Fort Collins, CO developed an idea that was based on their love for the water and snow. What Currently is RBS and what is to become was founded in these days. After many years of changes and the original crew setting down different paths the future is uncertain. One thing we do know is that we will always be rooted in our love and passion for board sports.

Colorado is the only state in the union that allows for gorgeous summer days and scenic places to enjoy wakesports; along with unsurpassed amounts of snow in the winter and world class winter sport destinations. Our core values are to promote and shepherd the advancement of these sports across Colorado.

In 2008 the local wakeboard shop closed and along with it went the true representative for the appropriate enjoyment of water sports in Northern Colorado. The top Colorado water sports destination "Horsetooth Reservoir" has no true wake crew. We intend to change that.

We are a dedicated staff of individuals who understand the unique culture of boarders. We believe that we have an idea that will change the retail market for specialty board shops forever. Please keep up to date with our happenings an be ready to have your mind blown. When the plan finally comes to fruition you will love us forever.

Investment opportunities available. If interested please contact:


Thank you,

The RBS Management Team