Soaring Pachyderm Racing

SP Racing Presents our self entitled debut project The "Soaring Pachyderm".

The 1964 Plymouth Valiant is an A-body MOPAR chassis. The stock slant 6 engine will be replaced with a fully built 383 big block bored to approx. 387. Our goal is to produce at least 450hp at a race weight of approx. 2300lbs. Check out our progress on the car through this page. The car will be used for promoting "Really Board Sports" the parent company of Soaring Pachyderm Racing.

This is the SP arriving in Fort Collins as purchased from Billings, MT. It was missing a front right fender but the stock slant 6 still ran like a charm. The car was garaged for most of its life and very little rust was found on the car proving it a good find. Rallying it on the dirt roads before its long pit stop at SPRacing Headquarters was a necessary pre-requisite.

A few days of stripping the car out and were ready for some makeover work on the interior. This includes removing the stock cowling, prepping the floor pan, doors, trunk, and ceiling. A few touch ups on the exterior mostly complete the body work.

The cowling gets removed.

The floor-pan gets the surface rust and the stock adhesive removed by use of flapdisk. Primer is laid down to prep the pan for surface coating.