Meaning of RBS

Why did we choose Really Board Sports?

By: Casey "The Liberator" Bickel

Many great questions along the path of time have been asked. What is the meaning of life? Why is the water blue? What is the definition of is? What is the purpose of the male nipple? And possibly most important, what does Really Board Sports mean? While we can’t really answer any of those well, or at all for that matter, we can answer the latter of those: Really Board Sports.

First let’s take apart the words and do a little word dissection if you will:

Really is a word of many uses really. First it can be used to reassure a person you are being truthful. I.E. “Are you sure that you saw Bigfoot?” “Why yes, I really saw him. He was glorious”. It can be used to describe how large something is. I.E. “They were really, really huge”. It can be used to show disgust in something someone just did. I.E. “Was that one you? Really man? Really?”

Board. A majestic word all by itself. Used to describe a plank of wood, possibly if you wake up sore the phrase “Stiff as a Board” is one everyone has heard. Used also as a general term for boarding. Throw a “Skate”, “Snow”, or “Wake” in front of it and that narrows it down.

Sports. Another general term, used to describe anything from football to lawn mower racing. Some games also fit, albeit very loosely into the sports category such as soccer. Because let’s be honest; cheerleading is more of a sport than soccer. While it may be the worlds sport, it isn’t the United State’s sport. Encompassed in that broad category are the epic sports of wakeboarding, snowboarding and skateboarding. Known to some as “Extreme Sports”, or “Action Sports” they can be found in the XGames.

So put those three majestic words together, and you have Really Board Sports. A phrase of many meanings. When someone asks you what you like to do outside of work, school or any other forced “activity”, your answer simply need be “Really? Board Sports”. When someone asks what kind of board sports you enjoy, like cricket, just say “No. Hell no. Really Board Sports.” Something that happens to everybody - sometimes you just get really bored. What follows really bored? Sports. We at Really Board Sports view the times off the board, no matter what discipline you choose, just boring. Our goal is to have everyone experience the board, and take this problem of boredom head-on. Next time you find yourself saying. “This show is really boring.” Or “Man I just got off the phone with my girl, it was really boring.” Just remember what follows those two words. And think Really Board Sports. RBS.