Liberator Securities

Liberator Securities, founded in 2008, is a security company specializing in escorting and protecting high profile athletes. With the creation of RBS, there was a need to escort our guests and sponsors to and from events safely. Casey "The Liberator", along with partners Troy and Zac, created this company to provide these services. We pride ourselves in using top of the line equipment and ground-breaking new techniques to provide the safety and security that our high-profile guests need and deserve. As well as protecting our valuable partners, L.S. will be in charge of transporting our flagship "The Soaring Pachyderm" upon it's completion. The pachyderm will be making rounds to racetracks throughout this great country of ours and we at L.S. will make sure each track will be graced with the presence that is "Soaring Pachyderm Racing." Look for our signature "L.S." van or our "S.P.R." tractor trailer passing through a town near you, and stop by the trailer for some Red Bull and to view some of our RBS merchandise!